Condom C Card

If you are under 25 you can get free condoms through Bristol’s C Card scheme!

Just look for the 4YP Letterhead Sticker Final Hi Res sign and you know you will be seen by a friendly non-judgmental person.  You can find this sign at sexual health centres, youth projects, school drop-ins, pharmacies and GPs.

First – Register for a C Card

You will have a confidential conversation with a trained C Card worker, who will:

  • Explain the scheme
  • Teach you the best way to use condoms
  • Answer any questions you might have
  • Give you free condoms

You don’t need to give your name and they won’t tell your parents/guardians that you have been to see them

Second – Get free condoms

You can go to any C Card point and be given free condoms if you show your C Card. You can do that up to ten times before coming back for a new card

Why do you need to register?

It is important to know how to put a condom on correctly (it’s trickier then you might think)……

…..and what to do or where to go if the condom breaks.  You will get lots of helpful advice and information from registering for a C card.

Check out RIFE’s film about the 4YP C Card scheme

RIFE have made a brilliant short film which tells you everything you need to know

Why are condoms so great?

They come in many shapes, strengths, sizes, flavours and textures to excite and enhance as well as helping you and your partner find what’s right for you. Condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as an unwanted pregnancy-although we recommend females also use a form of contraception (e.g. pill, injection implant etc) to stop unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms can be used for penetrative sex both vaginal and anal, and for oral sex. Dental dams can also be used.  A dam is a rectangular sheet of latex that can be placed over the vagina or anus to protect against STIs during oral sex.

C card points can also provide lube which can also be used to increase pleasure and make the experience more sensual for both partners.

Where can I get a C Card and free condoms?

You can search for your nearest free condom outlet by using our directory below

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