Training Intro

We offer a number of training courses for those working with young people in Bristol. The courses aim to increase workers’ confidence and skills to respond appropriately to young people’s queries, refer them to appropriate sources of support and advice and to carry out effective sex and relationships and substance misuse work. It is recommended that all professionals working with young people in Bristol, as a minimum, attend the introductory Level 1 Sex and Relationships and Level 1 Substance Misuse courses (unless they have in-depth knowledge in these areas and have a good overview of local services).

To find out more about each course and to apply online click on the title of the course you are interested in.

Places on courses are usually awarded on a first come first serve basis. However, if the course is oversubscribed we will limit the number of people applying from the same organisation. Once you have booked your place you will be sent a confirmation email through Eventbrite. Should we need to change the event details or your booking as a result of being oversubscribed we will contact you at the earliest convenience.

Please ensure the email address you have registered with us is correct and individual to you in order to receive confirmation details of training. You must also have your manager’s permission to attend.

If you have queries about your application,  questions about the content or the relevance of the course to your role or if you would like to discuss the possibility of in-house training please contact If your query is urgent please call on 0117 922 3747

What if I can’t attend?

These courses are free for those working in the Bristol area but if you cannot attend you must let us know 5 working days before the course or you will be charged £60 for full-day courses and £30 for half-day courses. Please email if you cannot attend.

What if I don’t work in Bristol?

If you work outside the Bristol area you can still apply for some of our courses. Please be aware that we will charge £30 for a half day and £60 for a full day course and if the course is oversubscribed we will give priority to professionals working in Bristol.

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