All you need to know about sex, worries, concerns and advice.

Not all young people are having sex. In fact most people aren’t even doing “sex stuff”. Lots of people say that they are to avoid peer pressure, and most people don’t have sex for the first time until they are 16.

Some young people haven’t met anybody yet that they want to do intimate things with, and some might be with someone they like, but they don’t feel ready.

What is important is that you and the person you are with both want to do things.

If you are doing stuff when one of you doesn’t want to, that’s not right and it’s really important to talk about things and make sure that you are both happy and comfortable with what you choose to do.

If you do both feel happy to take things further or you just want to know more or what other things you can do, read on. Our pages below have lots of useful information and advice that can help.

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