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From sexting to hooking up online, we expose the truths and the myths.

Love Online

Let’s be honest. It can feel loads easier chatting to guys and girls on Facebook or on messenger.  Talking face to face can be pretty nerve wracking.

Just make sure you know who you are chatting to.  Someone who says they are a ‘hot 17 year old from Bristol’ might actually be a 50 year old person looking to take advantage of you. And even if you DO know them, there are still some tips you need to consider.

  • Never agree to meet someone on your own – especially if you have never met them before because they might not be who you thought they were
  • Don’t share intimate pictures of yourself – Once you’ve shared that photo, you’ve lost control of it and it could spread over the internet in seconds.
  • Make sure you know all the facts about keeping safe online – There’s a really good website that’s worth checking out where you can watch films and get more advice: thinkuknow

If you’re at all worried or unsure then tell an adult or report problems advice on how to do this can be found here


Someone taking an indecent image of themselves, and sending it to their friends or boy/girlfriend via a mobile phone or some other form of technology is sometimes referred to as ‘sexting’. It may seem fun and exciting but it has risks.

Once these images have been taken and sent to others, control is lost of them and they can end up anywhere.  The partner you trust at the moment might become an ex, and what might they do with that picture after you’ve split up? They could be seen by friends and family, a future employer, or even, in some cases, end up in the possession of an offender!

This also puts that person who originally sent the images in a vulnerable position, as somebody they may or may not know now has these images and could use technology to bully, harass or even try to locate them.

Just think – if  you wouldn’t print and pass these images around your school or show your mum or dad, they are not appropriate to share via phone, email or any other technology.

Think U know has a really good page on sexting and also a really good video. It’s worth checking out here

If the person in the picture or video is under 18 there are also legal issues. But more information about this can be found on the CEOP website by visiting here

For information about pornography and the truths behind it visit our page below.

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