I need emergency contraception

You can use emergency contraception if:

  • You have had sex and didn’t use contraception
  • If the condom split or came off during sex
  • If you have forgotten to take your pill

Don’t Panic

If you act quickly emergency contraception will usually prevent a pregnancy.

There are two methods of emergency contraception:

  • A special pill known as emergency hormonal contraception that works within 3 days after sex (but it works better the sooner you take it)
  • The emergency IUD (also known as the coil), which can be used up to 5 days after sex and is the most effective.

Where can I get emergency contraception from?

If you are under 25 you can get free emergency contraception pills from the following places:

You can get the emergency IUD (coil) from most young people’s sexual health clinics but you should ring first to check that a doctor or nurse trained to fit one is available.

Too late for emergency contraception?

Remember, it is worth spreaking to a doctor or nurse at any of the sexual health services about emergency contraception, however long it has been after unprotected sex

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