For Parents

Our children are surrounded by information about relationships and sex – in advertising, on the internet, in storylines on the TV and in magazines.

As parents and carers we can help separate fact from fiction. The earlier and more we talk to our children about growing up, relationships and sex, the more we’ll help them understand a confusing world where teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are high.

Talking about relationships and sex does not encourage children or teenagers to experiment. In fact, talking openly with our children can help:

Give them the confidence to practise safer sex and talk to their future partners about sex, relationships and contraception
• Delay their first sexual experience
• Protect them from abuse, unwanted pregnancies, abortion and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)     

4YP talked to parents and carers from across Bristol.  They told us that they should be the most important source of information and advice on relationships and sex and that more support was needed.  We’ve produced this website to help and there is also a top tips leaflet available from pharmacies, doctors surgeries and schools in Bristol.

Because starting conversations with your child may be hard, especially if your own sex education wasn’t ideal, we’ve included lots of information in the pages below.



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