RCGP e-learning course on contraception

The Royal College of General Practitioners has developed a free e-learning course on contraception, with support from Public Health England and the Faculty for Sexual and Reproductive Health. The course should be helpful in ensuring non-specialist practitioners have basic but accurate information about the range of contraception methods.  Here is the RCGP’s short summary of the course with the access link.


Course description


Women discuss their contraceptive options with many different people: their partner, family and friends and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Often women are incorrectly told that there are only a few forms of contraception that are suitable for them.


The aim of this course is to inform professionals so that they can give accurate information and dispel any myths the patient may have heard. It is not intended to form a comprehensive reference. Details about contraindications and risk factors would always need to be discussed with the prescribing professional.


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