About 4YP

Welcome to 4YP! The sexual health site for teenagers in Bristol.

This site was designed with our young people’s web team to give all 13-24 year olds access to up to date information on sex, relationships and contraception.

All of us are brought up in different ways and within different cultures but all of us have a right to access good sexual health information and services as a basic human right.

Wherever the 4YP logo is displayed – in clinics, doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies – you can be sure that the services on offer are young people friendly. That means that you will be treated with respect and that they won’t pass on anything you have told them unless they have discussed it with you first.

We hope this website gives you everything you need but we love getting feedback – good and bad. Just use the contact page to drop us your thoughts.

What does 4YP mean?

Services that display the 4YP logo have to meet a number of standards. These help us to make sure they are young people friendly.

There to listen, not to tell

All 4YP services are confidential. This means that they won’t pass on anything that you have told them, even if you are under 16, unless they think you are in serious danger. And they will always talk to you first about this.

There to help, not to judge

All staff working in 4YP services are there to help you not to judge you. You will be treated with respect. You can bring someone with you, but this doesn’t have to be a parent, even if you are under 16.

Open to all

4YP is for everyone under 25, no matter what your background, or whether you’re heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

How was 4YP created?

4YP was launched in 2007.  Young people in Bristol have led the design and creation of 4YP.

Monitoring 4YP services

We have a team of young people that test out 4YP services. They report back to us with positive and negative feedback. This is often called ‘mystery shopping’.


We welcome your comments about any of the 4YP services. Please use our contact page to drop us your thoughts.

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